The S Word


I am anxiously awaiting the release of Sara Horn’s new book, “My So-Called Life As A Submissive Wife” (releases Aug. 1st, pre-order now at or amazon).

I am blessed to be a part of her My Wife Life team and a part of some amazing conversations with the other ladies on the team. Part of our journey as a team is to figure out what submission means to us now, before we read the book. Collectively and individually.

Someone shared on our team the other day that being a submissive wife first means being submissive to God. Maybe you already knew that, but that was a serious revelation to me!

I have struggled since hubby got sober to make him the head of the house. To be the submissive wife that I have always believed I should be. To rely on him to make decisions for the family. To be the leader—emotionally, financially, spiritually—to be “in charge”.

No matter how often he gets annoyed with me for walking behind him or asking him to make decisions, I still tried to submit to him.

Until I realized maybe that isn’t what submission is really about. If I’m trying to make submission in my marriage look the way I want it to look…who am I really submitting to? God? My husband? Probably not. More likely I am trying to make my husband submit to my idea of how marriage should look. Was that God’s plan when he said, wives, submit to your husbands?

Or is it a deeper sense of the word? Submit to God and His plan for your marriage. Be the wife God created you to be for your husband. I think that looks different for each of us, as God has created us specifically for our husband, we were created to be a help mate to him. Am I being a help if I’m constantly trying to make him submit to my idea of how I want our marriage? Am I being submissive to God?

So, starting this week, I have made an effort (not always succeeded), but truly made an effort to pray and ask God to show me what submission looks like in my walk with Him, and my marriage. And especially to come to know when I’m trying to make my husband submit to my idea of our marriage, all in the pretense of submitting to him. It’s going to be a long road, with many bumps I’m sure. But in the end, I believe it will make our marriage stronger, happier, more fulfilling…and, down the road, I may even see that I can be the submissive wife I’ve always wanted to be…if I stop trying to make that look like I want it to look, and more like how God intends for it to be.

Don’t forget to go online to and subscribe to her blog! She’s got some great resources coming to her website in July! And pre-order her new book on her website or amazon now!

Like my facebook page for some great giveaways coming up in a few short weeks, to coincide with the “My So-Called Life As A Submissive Wife” release—I’ll be giving away a couple of Sara’s books and a few other fun things!

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