Bread, Chips, and Coffee


My hubby isn’t very high maintenance. He isn’t a picky eater and he will eat ramen noodles and peanut butter crackers every day if he needs to. He grabs whatever out of the cupboard, throws it in a sack and heads off to work.

Low maintenance.

So, maybe he mentions to me the other day we were out of bread. And chips. Then maybe he tells me we’re out of coffee.

And it’s possible I say something like, “OK honey, I’ll get some when I go to the store.”

So I’m packing the girls’ lunch the next day and, to say I had to get creative would be a nice way of putting it. We are out of everything. (Except lunchables. We bought like 30 of them and the girls have now decided they don’t like them. so, yeah, we have lunchables.)

I get home from work, we talk about dinner, and I say, yeah, I need to go to the store to get stuff for the girls’ lunches. So, off we go.

Rob and Tori stay in the car to stalk people. No, seriously. We got these awesome Duck Dynasty beard fans at Mardel’s the other day. So, Rob puts the stick beard up to his face and Tori puts the big sunglasses on and they proceed to stalk people driving and walking by. I know. We’re awesome like that. Don’t be jealous, just join us 😉


I go in to Kroger with the two little girls. And we get lunch stuff. Crackers, juice boxes, goldfish, bananas, pretzels…then they want ice cream…and we need milk…popcorn for Friday night movie night…breakfast stuff…gum…you know, just the basic middle school lunch and after school snack stuff. We’re checking out, Alex has found a coupon to use for her gum and with it, our total was $77.00 even and so she thought that was pretty cool.

Life is good and we get out to the car and hear Tori tell us all about how many people she and her dad creeped out by stalking them while we were inside and Rob tells the girls the chinese place we were going to get them takeout from is now closed because  we were in the store for five years. You know, good family fun!

So, we run in to the chinese place, get the girls takeout, and head home. To unpack the groceries. The girls all pile up in Tori’s room to eat and watch their show and I’ve got about half of the groceries put away and Rob is looking through bags. And then he looks through more bags.

“So, where’s the bread, chips, and coffee?”

Oh. Snap. So, seriously, in my defense. I don’t drink coffee. I didn’t get chips because I wanted the girls to get pretzels and goldfish (much healthier) and they have lunchables (yeah, I know) and uncrustables at home, so I didn’t think about bread.

So I say the first thing that pops in to my head. “Well, honey, I was really just thinking about making sure the girls had stuff for lunches tomorrow and I wasn’t really thinking about…” Insert abrupt stop here because I was about to say something that I’m pretty sure no husband ever wants to hear.

But, my hubby, having the awesome ESP he has, says, “Oh, you weren’t thinking about me. Nice.” Followed by one of those laughs that means I’m not really laughing because it’s funny laughs.

And then he goes on for hours a minute or so about how I had said I would get him bread, chips, and coffee when I went to the store and hadn’t we just talked about it and why did we even go to the store in the first place and he’s so glad I was thinking about the girls and not him.

And then he eats the girls’ leftover chinese and the ice cream (um, yeah, I did get him his favorite ice cream, so I WAS thinking about him, at least in the freezer section and that almost makes up for the bread, chips, and coffee right?) and life is good once again.

And then he reminds me again the next morning that he has no coffee. But the Kroger brand crunchy peanut butter I bought him is really good (yes, go ahead and say it, I really am an awesome wife) and thanks for getting him that.

So last night, after a really long day, I head to Walmart at 9:15 and get him bread. Chips. Coffee. Possibly even his very favorite chili cheese fritos that he didn’t even ask for but (say it all together now) I really am an awesome wife and always think of him.

And when I get home at 10:30, he’s in bed, asleep, with his glasses still on, trying to wait for me to get home before falling asleep (but, hey, I take like, 5 hours at the store, so…) – and when I finally get in bed, he rolls over to me and says in the softest voice, “I love you” and goes back to sleep.

I started to think he said that because he appreciated how tired I was but that I went to the store to take care of him anyway.

But I think it’s just because he loves me. Bread, Chips, and Coffee or not.



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4 Responses to Bread, Chips, and Coffee

  1. Sadie says:

    Hehe, love this! Sounds like a day in my life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for making me feel a little bit less rubbish when my poor kids make Cream Cracker sandwiches for school for the 3 day in a row because there’s no bread, we have fish fingers and yorkshire puddings (ready made ones of course) for tea as there is nothing else in the freezer and there is one only apple in the fruit bowl. I conclude that having it all is impossible! (I’m very English, sorry, do you even know what Cream Cracker, yorkshire puds and fish fingers are?)

  3. Julie, I love it! Yes, I actually lived in England for a few years (Upper Heyford AFB) while growing up so I know what you’re talking about 🙂 And, just today, I am working out of town, the girls are home alone and I have no idea what they’re going to eat for lunch unless the oldest feels like cooking lol 🙂 So nice to hear I’m not alone!

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