Those Who Bring the Good News


He counseled us….Married us…Prayed for us…Mentored us…Silently hurt for us…

He never judged…Welcomed us back…Rejoiced in victories…Encouraged us in our struggles…

When Rob tried to get sober for the first time in 2009…he gave Rob something to do, somewhere to be, everyday.

When Rob relapsed the first time…I can’t imagine how he hurt for us…how he prayed for us…

When Rob went to rehab, he prayed for us, checked up on him, believed in him, encouraged him…

The next couple of years were full of ups and downs, relapses and some sober times…and, I’m sure, filled with his prayers.

When Rob and I were at our worst and I reached out to him, begged him to agree with me that Rob needed rehab again…He prayed. Prayed for God’s will.

And when Rob decided not to go to rehab, but to try recovery a different way…when Rob sought him out for encouragement, counsel…he was there.

I think back on how many times he must have felt disappointed…let down…saddened by Rob’s relapses. But he never gave up on him. He always had hope. Every time Rob came back to him, he welcomed him with open arms.

He invested in him. Gave him books…Books that Rob counts among his most valued possessions to this day. A bible that is falling apart from use…Books he has read over and over…

He still invests in him. Spends time with him. He is Rob’s spiritual advisor. He is one of the few men Rob looks to, leans on, counts on, relies on…accepts advice from…is comfortable enough to use as a sounding board…

One of the smartest men we know. A pastor with a heart for young adults. Who understands that Rob’s age has nothing to do with his maturity level and gives to Rob as he gives to the young adults in our church he is charged with guiding.

When I think back on our journey, I remember that day, in 2009, when Rob and I sat in his office for the first time. I remember him standing with us in 2010. I remember him taking time, over and over, to talk with Rob. I remember him including Rob. Appreciating Rob.

Always with Rob’s best interest in mind, never expecting anything in return, only praying Rob would grow and become the husband and father and Christ follower he knew he could be.

Pastor Randy. Our thanks and love will never be enough. Words will never be enough. We can never show the appreciation we feel enough.

But know we are thankful to you, indebted to you, always in prayer over you.

Pastor Appreciation Month is not the only time I appreciate you, but I do take time now to tell you. I am thankful for you. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Thankful.




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