P Wilmoth

I’ll never forget the title of that email. “Greetings” It was right before Christmas, 2012. The girls were out for Christmas break and we were out for lunch. I was checking email (work never seems to stop) and I saw this email that said “Greetings”.

And I started to read…and I started to cry.

Our church is big. I don’t know close to even half of the people who attend. I had not yet had the priviledge of meeting this man.

But he spoke to my heart. His email brought hope to my heart. His words soothed my breaking heart.

We were going through a rough time with one of the girls. Rob was sober just a few months. I wasn’t handling any of it well.

Because the things you don’t hear about…the after effects of alcoholism…the stories that we don’t talk about after your husband gets sober…the struggles your children go through because they’ve lived with an alcoholic for a dad…those don’t usually make the testimony…they just don’t have that hope you need to have in your testimony…

So, in the middle of this storm… “Greetings”…An offer to be a prayer partner and advocate for our daughter, who he didn’t even know well. A chance picture on a plaque of this man and our daughter.

Not chance. God’s miraculous intervention. And this man, answering God’s whisper to his heart to reach out to our daughter…

My response to his email was long, and said things like “You couldn’t have known, but God knew, and we know that this blessing you have offered to us is His way of letting us know we are constantly in His care.” And “God bless you for giving us the exact blessing we needed, before we even knew how to voice our need.”

He has stayed true to his word. He has reached out to her, prayed for her, talked with her, laughed with her…Our whole family has come to know and love this man who listened to the whispers of God, the gentle tugs pulling at his heart.

We are blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful adopted grandfather in our lives.

Pastor Wilmoth

We love you dearly and thank God for putting you in our lives.

I have saved this email all this time and read it on occassion and give thanks…all because of a picture on a plaque given to a man who is truly God’s servant…

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