Or Are We Going to Wait Until Spring?


So, I am not an awesome housekeeper. I don’t feel energized from scrubbing floors…I don’t get exhilarated from wiping down cabinets. The gift of cleanliness is not in me. Not to say we live like slobs…but it’s possible our bedroom may resemble a slightly less dramatic version of a hoarders early episode…You know…before it got all gross and people just had like, a lot of, you know, stuff…

We really don’t need to even start on the laundry do we? I mean, yeah, I could do seven loads right now, and two loads a day forever and maybe stay halfway caught up, but it’s kind of fun to make the girls wear those clothes in the back of their closets that they just had to have but never wore right?

We accumulate a lot of stuff. Between the girls school stuff, church stuff, clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, hair stuff, books….it’s a little crazy. Not to mention the fact that I keep, um, everything. Seriously. I may need that one shoe lace for this craft thingy I saw on Pinterest.

And. I almost had an anxiety attack when the hubby asked me if I was really keeping those cute little glass jars the dried beef comes in for my cheese ball recipe. Um. Obviously he has never seen the cute drink presentations on Pinterest that those would be just perfect for. But. I threw them away. (Yes, we recycle, don’t panic.)

So, this weekend, the first weekend in forever that we weren’t booked all weekend, I slept in and when I got up, the hubby was moving things, throwing things away (GASP) and so I started working too….and he says….So…we really need to get organized. Do you want to do it now? Or are we just going to wait until spring?

Um. ‘Scuse me?

OK, like I said, I am not awesome at keeping the house looking great, but wow, spring? Um ok. So, I did some straightening, dusting, cleaning, throwing away (Ugh—I for sure need those magazines that had those really cute tablescape ideas for Christmas…don’t I?) and general de-cluttering.

So, very shortly after, hubby gets disinterested and heads off to Guitar Center (his version of a spa) and I head out to get groceries for the house, middle child in tow.

(BTW—how I spent $300 on groceries in one trip really amazes me. I mean, I got up to the register thinking, eh, $200, I’m good. Yeah, that didn’t really work out for me. But, hey, I saved $80, so…yeah.)

So, all of this to say…I go to CR last night and we’re talking about starting our personal inventory….You know, where you really take some time to look back over your life and list out your wrongs and that’s where you get your amends list started.


(P.S. In case it wasn’t clear, not a whole lot got done around the house this weekend.)

And one of the questions we looked at was…What do I feel guilty about? And then…When God brings an issue to the surface, or to my attention, it’s because He wants to chisel it away (take it away from me)…Don’t stuff it back in.

And the first thing that popped in to my mind about feeling guilty…was how I have been putting my family last instead of first. I have said yes to so many things…church, CR, work, social media…and no to so many things at home…taking care of the house, spending time with my husband…with my kids…

And, had I maybe stuffed that back in, just in the last couple of days even? Had I made excuses for why I wasn’t getting things done that need done? Was I already putting my family last again?

My first Step 4 item: Not putting my family first. There’s a lot of subcategories in this one…it’s going to take a lot of work. A lot of time. Spent with the right people, doing the right thing. And maybe some no’s to other people for a while. (Item 2: People pleasing….think these might go hand in hand pretty well…)





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One Response to Or Are We Going to Wait Until Spring?

  1. Seriously though… I DO love those little jars that the dried beef comes in!!! So cute! My hubby pulled out about 15 random saved jars from our cabinet and they sat on the cabinet for over a week. I decided to stick them back in the cabinet. šŸ˜œ

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