My Precious

My precious child.

You are loved beyond compare.

Your value is not in the things you own.

I do not withhold My love because of your past.

Your worth is beyond measure to Me.

I long to be closer to you and for you to feel that same longing for Me.

My forgiveness is never conditional and always complete.

 Our talks are the highlight of My day, I hang on your every word.

When you cast your cares upon Me I am honored.

My plan for you is perfect, I only ask that you trust Me.

Lay down your burdens at my feet, see how light they are when you let Me carry them.

My precious child. You are loved. Wanted. Cherished. Cared for. Eternally Mine.


About angelastricklin

Thanks for stopping by! If you're on FB, follow me: Instagram @angelastricklin Twitter @angelastricklin Pinterest @Angela Stricklin I'm a wife, mom of three girls and one fur baby. By day, I'm an HR manager to pay for all things girly girl and occasional fur baby treats. I add things to my Amazon wish list instead of my cart because my girls cost All. The. Money. Instead of sleeping, you can find me writing about faith, marriage, parenting and my favorite things on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Pinterest.
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