One Year From Today

Next year on December 23rd I will not be sending an “E-card” Christmas card to everyone because the husband and I decided we couldn’t spend the $100 our Christmas cards cost us this year.

We’ll have a real tree again, not the small, fake one we bought for the years we aren’t home for Christmas Day…or, as my 11 year old so eloquently puts it, “the sad, pathetic thing in the corner”… And we’ll have our ornaments hung on this real tree, not just the $3 box of candy canes we bought that somehow seem appropriate for our SPTC…

I’ll decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving instead of rushing around December 23rd trying to find the girls stockings in the attic because we haven’t even pulled any Christmas boxes down yet…

On December 23rd of next year there will be lights on the house, not just the two yard signs I put in our front yard as a pathetic attempt to convince myself we wouldn’t look like we were skipping Christmas to the neighbors.

The house will smell like all kinds of Christmas cookies, made from scratch, not the break apart ones we’ll be making for Santa again this year…

We’ll have gingerbread houses decorated and displayed (safely out of reach from Buddy), not the less effort Ninja gingerbread men who are still in the box and really hoping they get made on Christmas Eve.

I won’t have forgot to move the Elf on the Shelf three mornings in a row and rush to find a place before I leave for work next December 23rd.

My nieces and nephews won’t feel forgotten when Aunt Angie promises to do better at sending gifts next year…

On December 23, 2014, I won’t be so tired from not sleeping the night before from worrying about the lack of gifts under the tree.

There will be no regret from not having continued my grandmother’s tradition of gathering the unchosen tags from her church’s angel tree on the last day and hurriedly but joyfully shopping, wrapping and giving…

One year from today.


I have so many hopes for you. Hopes of healed family members. Finances that aren’t such a mess. Hopes of no more passings or illnesses that seem to mar this time of year lately. Hopes that I find the Christmas spirit that I’ve missed the past few years.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper and not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I know I just used this verse. But I needed to hear it again today. To feel it again today. To remember His promise. To me. To you. To us all.

Maybe you needed to hear it too. My hopes, plans and dreams are nothing compared to my God’s plans for me.

So, more than anything, next year, on December 23rd, I pray for God’s plan for my life. Whatever that looks like.

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7 Responses to One Year From Today

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  3. I am searching for Christmas spirit, just like you.

    My partner is still drinking all day long, and neither of us have jobs – mine having ended just last Friday. There are 4 presents under the 18″ potted Norfolk Pine that sits on our the dining room table and serves as our Christmas tree, and those are destined for my sister and her kids. They haven’t gotten them yet because we were uninvited to her house for Thanksgiving and she’s now traveling abroad. Our decorations consist of boxes of unused lights and ornaments scattered around the dining room floor. My 2 boys are celebrating Christmas a continent away with their dad, and my stepson threw a fit about being asked to help decorate last night.

    But everyone is healthy, and there are job prospects shaping up. There should be unemployment insurance income and child support money enough to tide us over until that time. My boys will be back for New Year’s Eve, and maybe we can welcome them home to a Christmassy-warm home, with decorations, lights, pumpkin pie and all that lovely stuff. Maybe I can finish knitting everyone a little something by then too, and everyone will have at least one present under the tree…

    Christmas is here: some years we just have to look harder than others to find it. Merry Christmas, Green Eyes. I will light a candle for you at Christmas Eve Mass tonight.

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