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I’ve been on a writing spree lately…just not on here. We’re getting ready to launch Celebrate Recovery at our church (First NLR) and I’ve been busy helping to promote it.

Aside from the regular promoting, what is CR, etc, I’ve been doing a series called “Celebrate Recovery is for you”.

(You can see it here: www.facebook.com/crfirstnlr)

The series is meant to let people know that CR is not just for “those people” — the addicts, alcoholics that many people associate recovery programs with. It’s for everyone. So I’ve been writing posts about different life struggles we face and how God is working through CR to help everyday ordinary people overcome them.

It’s been hard y’all. This is not a creative writing assignment. While there are a few posts that I’ve written that I haven’t personally struggled with…there are only a few. Most of them are things I’ve lived through…struggled with…still struggle with. Things I talk about very rarely. And never in a public forum. So even writing about those issues from a third person point of view is hard. Even when I’m not necessarily talking about my specific situation.

I’ve shed a lot of tears over the past few days. Tears over things I thought I had gotten over…moved past…hurts and heartaches that I keep hidden in the deepest part of my soul. Some that only God knows. But I did something different this time. I let the tears fall. I didn’t try to hold them back. I don’t regret them. They were a different kind of tears. Freeing tears. I cried over hurts I haven’t let myself think about very often. I cried over losses in my life. I cried over could-have-been’s. I cried over my children, my husband, the years of hurting we’ve all gone through together. I cried over friends I love dearly who are still in the middle of their struggles. I cried over friends who are more like family who have overcome their struggles, just to face new, different ones.

Just when I thought I had no more tears to cry, they kept falling. Years of fighting back tears…only letting a few go at a time…it feels like all of those tears have fallen in a matter of days. But I know there are still more to come. I still have grieving to do. It’s amazing and exhilarating, the vulnerability I allow in myself now. I had been guarded, hesitant, isolated. Through God’s amazing work in Celebrate Recovery, I am able to share my past hurts, habits and hang ups to offer hope to others who are still in their struggles.

Go like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/crfirstnlr) and check out the posts. Find your story there. Share your hurt, your healing, your need.

Come join us on Thursday nights at 6. If you aren’t local to Central Arkansas but you identify with any of these struggles and are looking for freedom and healing, go to www.celebraterecovery.com and find a meeting close to you.

Celebrate Recovery. Try it, you just might like it.



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