2014 Word for the Year



It came to me by accident really. I had seen a few people post about it on FB and I started thinking…do I need a word for this year?

I don’t do the whole new year’s resolution thing, but this seems…different.

The first word that came to mind was family. I have been trying to spend more time with my family, putting their needs ahead of work (when possible—yeah, try juggling that), making them more of a priority. It sounded right. Family. How can it not be the word?

Then, as I was driving with my youngest girls to the mall (which, seriously, it would be awesome if they would stop growing. I mean, I feel like I’m buying them new jeans every other month because they’ve grown out of their almost brand new ones already) and we were listening to KLove. And. I actually don’t even remember what was being said, but this other word was said in relation to something else.

And I smiled. And I laughed. And I thought. OK God, I hear you.

Because while my family is something I am intentionally working on, that’s just a part of what 2014 looks like for me. And while I had “settled” on that being my word, I kept thinking, well, but what about this…and that…oh and can’t forget about this…

I didn’t really have any peace about it. I felt like it was leaving too many other things…important things…without focus.

So when I heard this word. When I repeated it a few times in my head (I almost said it out loud, but y’all, my kids already think I’m half cray cray)…I was like, um, ok, so this covers it all…everything I was thinking wasn’t included in my word for the year. It’s all there.

First of all, it’s something I struggle with. It’s one of those things I give over to God, then take it back, then realize I’ve taken it back and have to be all, “Um, so yeah, hey God, you know that thing I gave over to you a few hours ago? Alright, alright, five minutes ago… Um, here you go, you can have it…again… And I really mean it this time…” And so the conversation goes, several times a day sometimes. I’m so thankful He is patient with me!

Secondly, it’s something I need…long to have…desire with all of my heart. But it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

So I’m starting off this year with my word for the year. It’s definitely a word built for a journey, not a destination. To track my journey, I’m hashtagging it. So I can look back from time to time and see when and for what I’ve…oh. OK. The word.

Trust. So I can see when I’ve trusted. When it’s been hard. When I haven’t trusted and the lessons I’ve learned in those moments, because let’s be real here, just because this is my word doesn’t magically make the trust happen. There’s no magic wand here waving over me so I never fear or worry again. This word is going to be a lot of work for me. A lot more time on my knees. A lot more looking to God for strength and less looking to my own (non-existent) power.

Trust. Word for 2014.


Look for my hashtag on FB, Instagram and Twitter this year. I’d love to have you join me. Have a word for the year? Leave it below with your hashtag (#whateveryourwordis2014) and I’ll follow your journey too!


Instagram and Twitter: @angelastricklin

Happy 2014 y’all. Praying it’s a blessed one.



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