Sometimes things happen in life that leave us raw…aching…overwhelmed…exhausted.

And some times those things aren’t for sharing…Not because we’re keeping secrets…or trying to “hide” our reality…or putting on a fake image of perfection…but simply because people knowing often means people asking…commenting…inserting their opinions and ideas and advice…

And when you’re so…broken…those sometimes well meant conversations…Or the people who disguise gossip in a “prayer request” while telling anyone who will listen details of someone else’s struggle…Or those who see you’re going through something and constantly ask you to tell them what it is so they can pray for you…

Some things are just too personal and too painful to share with everyone…even some people in your circle.

So you become an even fiercer and more intentional momma bear, circling closer around your family. You tell those few pastors and maybe a very small part of your inner most circle only because you covet their prayers…you can trust them to stand in the gap with you…Because you know this is spiritual warfare and you would trust them with your life…and this is so much more important than your life here…this is eternal life…

So while there may be a time in the future you can share this struggle as a hard fought victory…for the moment…maybe for a long moment…you close your circle a little tighter and protect the wholeness and excusivity of that circle with every bit of strength you have left…which isn’t much if you’re honest…

And you spend more time on your knees than you ever “had time for” before…and you wonder if you’d taken the time before if this would still be happening…but you have to stop and not let yourself go there because if you do, you’re afraid you’ll give up hope.

And as hard as this is, the one thing you can’t…won’t…refuse to do…is give up hope.





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Thanks for stopping by! If you're on FB, follow me: www.facebook.com/lifewithgreeneyes Instagram @angelastricklin Twitter @angelastricklin Pinterest @Angela Stricklin I'm a wife, mom of three girls and one fur baby. By day, I'm an HR manager to pay for all things girly girl and occasional fur baby treats. I add things to my Amazon wish list instead of my cart because my girls cost All. The. Money. Instead of sleeping, you can find me writing about faith, marriage, parenting and my favorite things on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Pinterest.
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