Favorite Five Friday

In an effort to be more consistent with my blogging OK. Let’s be real. Because I obviously need something to hold me accountable… I thought I’d try something new.

Favorite Five Friday. #FFF (confession. I ❤ hashtags. Seriously. Love.)

As I was laying in bed staring at my pillow at 2 am, wide awake, I had this brilliant? idea to create my own accountability. Plus. Maybe someday it will be a thing.

Hate it? Let me know. Love it? Let me know twice 😉

Just give me a little grace because seriously y’all…^^^this is a 2am idea ;-0

Obviously I should’ve gotten out of bed and started writing at least made a note on my phone with the absolutely brilliant ideas I had for the first, oh, idk, like 13 Fridays. But. Let’s be real. It’s 2 am. And dark. The light from my phone probably would’ve blinded me. Also. Sometimes thinking puts me to sleep. Typing. Not so much.

So I may not actually remember all any of the “themes” for these FFF’s…but we’re going to pretend I’m brilliant enough to come up with even better ones.

BTW…I’m totally loving the “brilliant” word right now. Idk…

I’m kind of torn between feeling like the first FFF (FFFF – squeal!!!) should be epic so y’all might possibly consider checking back every Friday to see what the next theme is…and keeping it kind of interesting but not so epic that every FFF after it is super lame…

Just to keep y’all guessing…I’m not going to tell you which thought won…

First Favorite Five Friday – Favorite Things To Do When I Can’t Sleep

1) Clear out my TiVo. My husband likes the TV left on all night so you would think the light/noise wouldn’t bother him. But if he’s not really deeply sleeping and I turn it off the news channel he likes to fall asleep to, Alicia Florek wakes him up in like 30 seconds. (But y’all…when Will died? Oh my heart!)

2) Organize the house. Now. Before y’all get all “Yay, you go girl!”, let’s be clear. I organize the house. In. My. Mind. Like. I tell myself. When it’s daytime, I should start by getting the laundry done and while that’s going I can vacuum and then I’ll go through Savannah’s closet and clean it out before I put any more clothes in there and…yes. I know. If I actually got out of bed and did some of this, that would be awesome. But let’s just not go crazy y’all.

3) Play on my phone. So. After I recover from being blinded. Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and play WWF, HWF and WTP. (Note to self – turn brightness down on phone before going to bed.)

4) Spend my lottery winnings. Just kidding. I didn’t win the lottery. Also. I think you have to actually buy a ticket to have a chance to win. But if I did…well…I see a future FFF (haha, another FFFF, I’m cracking myself up here)…

5)Role play. With myself. If you are not of the introvert persuasion, this may not make sense to you. But I have conversations with myself. In my head. With other people. And play out every way they could respond. And how I would respond. BTW—almost always they never respond in any of the five ways I rehearsed. So. Yeah.

So that’s it. It’s like 830pm my time…if it’s not still Friday where you are, let’s pretend it still is 😉😉😉 Do emoji’s work on WP? Hmmm. Idk. Guess we’ll see. Those little squares that show up instead of emoji’s bother me. It’s like. What was there? A smiley face? Wink? Frown? How am I supposed to infer an emotion from a square? #thestruggle

If you’re on Facebook, I’m here:

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, look me up as angelastricklin 😎😎😎 BTW those are smiley sunglass faces. Not squares. Just in case, you know…



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