I’m Not Too Old To Throw A Tantrum

Tonight was my baby girls first soccer meeting. We were supposed to meet her coach and teammates at the local Fro Yo place.

I was supposed to leave work a little early so I could go.

So. Of course. Work was crazy. It’s a little after 5 and I walk out to head home. Start my car…

Oh wait. I didn’t start my car. Because it decided not to start.

So I’m calling Rob and I say…can you hear this? And I point my phone towards the dash, where I can obviously hear the swirring noise coming from. <Yes. swirring is a word.>

He says. Uh no.

Anyway. It’s hot. So I walk inside to call the company that takes care of repairing our company vehicles. The guy is super nice. Tells me he’s glad I’m at the office and not stranded on the side of the road.

Then says. So. What would you like me to do? Do you need a rental car?

Y’all. I called the place. I said. My car won’t start. I’m 45 minutes from home. Um. Idk. Fix my car?

So I nicely said, well, I would like someone to come get my car and fix it.

He didn’t laugh. If he had, the evening might have gone even worse.

He says, well, you know, it’s 5:30.

Um. Yeah. I’m aware. I have an hour to get to my kids soccer meeting. Where there’s going to be Fro Yo.

I didn’t answer though. But seriously. It’s 5:30? That’s what you’ve got for me?

He says I guess we can check on a rental. I said no thank you. I don’t want a rental. I just want my car fixed.

Y’all. I can’t even imagine the hand motions he’s making to his co-workers in the call center I’m sure he is sitting in. Crazy lady signs anyone?

He tells me. Idk. For the five thousandth time. It’s 5:30 ma’am. There aren’t any repair shops open this late. I guess we could get a wrecker to tow it somewhere so they can work on it tomorrow.

OK. I’m really not trying to beat this horse to death. But. I need to get home. He is just not getting it.

So I tell him thank you I’ll just call back tomorrow. After I have missed my kids soccer meeting. And the Fro Yo.

I’m not crying. Really I’m not. The tears are welling but I’m not crying.

I am texting Rob, and several other people like they could fix it via text and vent a little frustration.

Also. The internet at work went out. This has nothing to do with anything. So my frustration level is…I just don’t even know.

One of our guys happens to come back to the office and I see him.

He’s way too nice to say this. But I know he has to regret walking down that hallway. At that moment.

I tell him my car won’t start. I make the swirring sound. He offers to take me home. (45 minutes one way) Says maybe there’s another car I can take home. Offers to find keys to a spare truck.

And I went off about not having a repair shop open. I am a child y’all. Seriously. It was shameful. I did not let up. I was mad. Inconvenienced. Missing the soccer meeting. And someone needed to fix it.

But. Because he is a saint. He finds me keys. Tells me which truck it is. Makes sure I’m ok before he high tails it outta there leaves.

So I go outside to get something out of my car while my laptop is shutting down.

I left my building keys. In the building.

It’s like 95 300 degrees. I’m wearing a sweater because it’s freezing inside the building.

I bang on the doors because I saw some guy walking in to the warehouse so I knew someone was there. No one answered.

I go bang on the warehouse door because I know someone is in there. No answer.

I call the guy I threw a fit to. He answers. I know. Ask if he knows who’s there because I’m locked outside. He does. Calls them and they let me in.

Let’s just be real for a second. He really could’ve told them to wait awhile. He would’ve been justified. Completely.

So I grab my computer and building keys. I really didn’t. I grabbed my computer and car keys. Walked out of my office, almost closed the door when I thought, hey, maybe I need my building keys.

Seriously y’all. This is real life. I can’t make this stuff up.

Get in the truck. Drive towards home. And. Only miss the first half of the soccer meeting. You know. The one I justified my tantrum with.

Tomorrow I’m going to work on the “plays well with others” achievement. Because obviously I’m still in kindergarten.

Also. I didn’t get Fro Yo. We’ll discuss that one later.

It’s almost 9 and I should be in bed. Happy Tuesday y’all!


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One Response to I’m Not Too Old To Throw A Tantrum

  1. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Haven’t been to your blog in a while – catching up today 🙂
    I have had days like this – but have to admit, when I got to “… like they could fix it via text . . .” I laughed out loud!!! Love your writing style!! Hope the next day was better 😉

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