Fav Five Friday Vol.4

I have recently rediscovered my love of long lost favorite TV series…

Rob makes fun of me when he catches me watching them.


I love what I love.

In no particular order: Fav Five Friday TV series I would buy the boxed set for if I was the kind of person who bought boxed sets of anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

1) Gilmore Girls. Y’all. It has been on at 10 am weekdays for ever. How did I forget this? Lorelei…Rory…Luke…Sookie…
My best friends. Seriously. There is nothing I don’t like about GG. Except the L/L back and forth. Every one in that town knows they belong together! It’s funny, sad, almost like real life awesomeness! I may have recently set my DVR to record the show. Like on the all shows with duplicates setting. I can’t wait until Rob takes the girls camping and I spend an entire weekend with my Gilmore Girls!

2) Friends. It’s on in the afternoon. Late at night. They were “my friends” when I was trying to figure out what friends were. Although I love Monica and Chandler, I have a deep dark secret to confess. Y’all. Tom Selleck. Seriously. Who cares if he’s old. Obviously not me. I still watch Blue Bloods just because of him. And Ross and Rachel. They’re just so meant to be. Again. It’s funny, sad, almost like real life awesomeness!

3) The Sopranos. Ok. I have one of their seasons in a boxed DVD set. However. I work for a cable company. It was a gift. I didn’t actually buy it. And it’s not even my favorite season. Italians are my fav. When I met Rob, he had lived in Philadelphia for awhile and was tan with those big brown eyes and Philly accent. I just knew he was Italian. And I was in love. Also. The mob fascinates me. Idk. James Gandolfini. I cried when he passed.

4) Downton Abbey. Just kidding. I haven’t seen it. (I just typed I never seen it y’all. I have to stop listening to people talk!) But I just know if I had the chance I would love it and watch it over and over. Anyone else?

5) OK. Maybe my TV series addiction isn’t as serious as I first thought. I have no number 5. Does Gone With the Wind and Scarlett as a boxed set count? Because GWTW is my all time favorite ever. Those days they play it on repeat over and over? Don’t call me. Or text me. I won’t answer. Savannah got her name from that movie. It was between Scarlett, Tara and Savannah. No other choices. (I think I made the right choice.) Also. I do have the VHS GWTW boxed set. And. Wait for it. A working VCR —whaaaa?!?!?! It’s going to happen soon.

Anyway. There are like idk. 17 Fridays until Christmas or something? Someone on FB is obviously keeping up with it because I see an update every week. It is a conspiracy meant to invoke fear and panic in me because I have not bought a single Christmas gift and my budget for Christmas this year is looking like it’s going to be even less than last year. I would much rather wait to panic until the week of Christmas.

Any boxed set fans out there? What’d I miss?

Happy Friday Y’all!



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2 Responses to Fav Five Friday Vol.4

  1. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    I have more than I can count LOL – China Beach, Wonder Years, Friends, That 70s Show, Miami Vice . . . there’s my top five I guess since they were right on the tip of my tongue! AND my TV addiction is every bit as bad as I think!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the post!

  2. OMW! I forgot China Beach – love that!!!

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