Fav Five Vol. 5

We opened the windows today. In September. In Arkansas. That’s a big deal y’all.

It’s cool outside. It’s been raining. Soccer starts tomorrow. Football is on tv. And the fall/Halloween pinning has started.

It’s Fall Y’all!

So it must be time for the #FFF Fall edition. I’m so excited! It’s the Fifth Fav Five Friday – and it’s about Fall! #FFFFF yay!

My fav things about fall in no particular order:

1) Pumpkin everything. I had my first pumpkin spice flavored coffee this week. Pumpkin and cream cheese log for dessert yesterday. It’s almost time to make pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pie and pumpkin anything I want. Pinterest is full of pumpkin recipes and painted pumpkins and glitterized pumpkins… (btw Mr Dictionary – glitterized is a word. It just is. ) I can’t wait til we go pick pumpkins and bring them home to decorate and set on the front porch until they start to rot and I promise this year to remember to throw them out in time…

2) Fall Decor. Door hangers. Mesh and burlap wreaths. Candles. Those cinnamon brooms they sell at Kroger that you put in your car and never take out because it makes your car smell so good look cute in your entryway AND make your whole house smell good? The. Bomb. I am so excited to work on a new door hanger y’all. I have pinned and pinned and pinned. I almost have it narrowed down to 147 idk…like 12. I need to get it together because my spring turned summer door hanger needs a nap.

3) Speaking of..Naps. What? Seriously. There is nothing better than a fallmywindowsareopenanditslightlyraining afternoon nap. Y’all. There is no better sleep. Piled under heavy covers. I may possibly already be planning my first fall nap right now…

4) Chili. For. Days. You cannot eat chili unless it’s below 65. It’s like the law. Also. You have to make enough for dinner. Lunch. Dinner. Lunch. You know. I don’t do leftovers. Thankfully chili is not a leftover. It’s chili. I only eat my chili. I don’t do canned or anyone else’s. IfIdidntmakeitImnoteatingit. I am so ready for chili.

5) Colors. Oranges. Browns. Rusty reds. Faded yellows. I love muted colors. Watching the leaves turn. Piles of leaves. It is the most beautiful time of year and it actually makes me want to be outside. Oh. And one other color I can’t believe I almost forgot. Barely green, almost brown grass. Like. That I don’t have to mow.

I’m so excited for cool weather, soccer games, fall and holiday crafting…

Football on the other hand. Well. Thanks to the SEC network, there will never again be a lack of SEC football on TV. My husband is in heaven. I’m pretty excited Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. But I still need to see Downton Abbey so if anyone has any pull with Netflix, go ahead and take care of that for me. K?

On Pinterest? Find me there: Angela Stricklin

Facebook? Facebook.com/lifewithgreeneyes

Happy Fall Y’all!


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