Five Things I Probably Shouldn’t Say On Social Media


I have discovered over the last couple of weeks that the more tired I am, the less my filter works…And I am tired y’all…

I posted on facebook this morning about how tired my suitcase is, which prompted the first thing I probably shouldn’t say on social media… The rest…well…they’re just bonuses 🙂

1) My suitcase is getting more action than me.
(Hilarious, I know, I almost died laughing when I thought it. Well. I either almost died or fell asleep. Either way.)

2) Me being overly cranky is either a result of being exhausted or pregnant.
(See #1 – no action = not pregnant.)

3) The longer I do the work of two, sometimes three people, the less patience I have for people who had one job to do and couldn’t get it right.
(See #2 – overly cranky, I know, everyone’s job is hard and most days I don’t feel this way – hence the title of this post.)

4) As I frantically wondered if I locked my car when I walked in to the office this morning, the thought popped in to my head that my car could double as Santa’s sleigh right now, because my trunk and back seat are full of cards, gift cards and gifts that I need to find time to address, mail, wrap, find boxes for, mail, wrap…while I hang out in the hotel at night.
(I thought it would be funny to say my car could double as Santa’s sleigh until I realized I might not want the world to know half of Christmas is in a car currently parked at…fortunately I was awake enough not to hit post after that particular thought popped in to my head. Also, gifts are safely in my office hotel room house just…not in my car, ok?!?!?!?)

5) Every November I get a little irritated that our travel gets cut off drastically reduced until the first of the year, because inevitably I need to be somewhere.
(If you ever hear me say that again, take away my keys because I am obviously out of my mind or being controlled by zombies or something.)

That’s it. Nothing awful really. Just (hopefully) slightly humorous and a nice break in your day 🙂

And I’ll get over being exhausted, really…don’t feel bad for me…this is all in good fun because I needed a break from dealing with…well…people…

Merry Christmas y’all!


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