And A Very Merry Facebook Christmas To You

I think many of us are guilty of two things that we would rather not admit.

1) Our Christmas did not look exactly like the pictures and/or sentiments we posted on Facebook. Only the good stuff made it online. The rest, well, most of us (thank you by the way) understand Facebook is not our personal diary.

2) Everyone else’s Christmas happened exactly the way they portrayed it on Facebook. Their kids posed happily in the matching coordinating outfits/pj’s…they loved everything they got…they managed not just one, but two absolutely perfect date nights with their spouse…the family gatherings were drama free and everyone loves each other…oh…and they probably solved world hunger but are just waiting for the right time to announce it.

coordinating pj's 10881715_934862779858982_349723548121254440_n[1]

Anyone else get caught up in the whydoesntmyrealitylooklikethatpersonsfacebooklife?

I tend to forget that #1 doesn’t just apply to me…especially as I’m scrolling through Facebook…Instagram…Twitter… Pinterest…

And I know you never think like this ^^^ but just in case you need a little dose of after Christmas reality…

funny santa

I had to work away from home in November and December for the first time in…well…many years. While these two months aren’t necessarily slow for my work, I at least don’t usually travel. This year, I leave on Mondays and come home Fridays, sometimes Saturdays. And when I get home I’m cranky tired.

The price tag never got cut off of the tree we cut down…it eventually just became considered an original ornament.

The only ornaments that made it out of the Christmas tubs were blue and silver balls because we were never home long enough to decorate it more. And the ornaments we got as gifts this year. And they’re all in one spot at the front of the tree.


None of my nativities made it out of their boxes. When I saw the one my grandma had given me at what would be her last Christmas, I lost all interest in getting anything out.

I missed our Reality staff Christmas party because I was too tired to make the drive I had so much work to do I didn’t feel like I could spare the time.

I missed my baby girls last ever school Christmas party.

We went way a little over budget…mostly due to mom guilt of not being around for ^^^…yeah…

Stitch (our elf) moved maybe 7 times and left without a good-bye letter, note, or anything, on Christmas Eve night…or maybe Christmas morning…idk…but at some point he went back in his box with no fanfare.

Stitch in the tree

I took a tin of cookies to our family Christmas instead of making something…I possibly put more effort in to the dirty Santa gifts…

dirty santa

We opened gifts twice this year. Once on Christmas Eve with our oldest daughter and her boyfriend and then on Christmas morning with the little girls. Some day I’ll find the words to write about why that’s such a huge deal…but not today.

our girls

We left store bought cookies out for Santa…with no milk…he didn’t eat them by the way…Savannah noticed but never said anything. I didn’t even take pictures of the cute plate and mug we use every year.

We never had our nephews over to bake cookies. The only time we saw them was at our family Christmas.

Sav and the nephews

All of the brothers (my husband is one of five) were never all together…even once…this Christmas.

I left unwrapped gifts in our bedroom and wouldn’t have remembered them if Alex hadn’t said, Didn’t you order me a new phone case?

I sat in our bathroom and cried more times than I can even count. Sometimes over small, trivial things…sometimes over huge things…

I missed going to Ohio and seeing family. We couldn’t afford the trip…Rob didn’t have enough vacation time…I really needed to be at the office…I hoped my aunt would change her mind and come see us at the last minute…all real reasons for not going. None of them the biggest reason. Three years later and I still miss my grandma and it would have just been too hard to be there for Christmas without her.

Rob and I argued over stupid, petty things…Things I couldn’t recall if I wanted to…

I miss my brothers and their families. I am very fortunate that my husband’s family lives close to us and I love and cherish them and consider them my own, but I wish my brothers lived closer….

Family :)

All of this happened in the middle of the Facebook worthy Christmas photos.

So, dear friends, if your Christmas wasn’t as perfect as all of the Facebook Christmases you quietly scrolled through while you waited in line on Christmas Eve to buy whatever stocking stuffers Walgreens had left…if Christmas night left you sleepless and you thought, next year my tree/mantle/gift wrap/family will look like that…


Your tree was made beautiful by the hands that excitedly placed lights and ornaments however high they could reach.

Your mantle held stockings for the ones you hold dearest.

Your gift wrap was torn to pieces by little hands that are growing far too big, far too fast.

Your family loves you and is loved by you.

Isn’t that better than a Facebook Christmas?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y’all.



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2 Responses to And A Very Merry Facebook Christmas To You

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  2. capermom says:

    You made me tear up! I absolutely relate to your post…I bought those cookies you get frozen and cut because I didn’t have time to bake my own. I spent more time upset about the things we were not doing then appreciating what we did get to do as a family. I worry whether I gave the kids enough good memories all the while making myself not present for them because I am too stressed out. Nice to know others feel this way to!
    Peace and Love

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