Favorite Five…Oh Who Am I Kidding…It’s So Not Friday…Gift Edition


I’m kinda hard to buy for…or so I’m told.

I’ve spent years buying my own gifts. Which is great because that means I get what I really want plus I get to go shopping. There is just no negative to that.

Also. I’m bad at accepting gifts. Have you seen the Rachel Cruze vlog on gracious gift receiving? She made that for me. No. Seriously. I watched it over and over. Watch it here

I love to give gifts, especially personal ones that mean something and especially especially ones that only mean something to me and the receiver.

Giving just makes my heart smile.

It was really hard to narrow down, but here are my Fav Five Gifts for Christmas 2014.

1) Ok. This may technically take up two spots but I won’t tell if you don’t. I sent a friend the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I know. Most awesome gift right? But then I received from said friend a Polaroid – I know it’s not a Polaroid but you know what I mean – picture of the tree in its place of honor on her coffee table with a letter and a Starbucks gift card. Because she knows me and my need for caffeine. My most favorite part of this gift? The letter. Because. Friends are the best. Also. The picture is on my refrigerator. In all its awesomeness.

2) Frozen soundtrack. Just. Let It Go. Seriously. I love this movie and the soundtrack and Olaf is my favorite. My family was not a fan of this gift. It’s on repeat in my car. I know. I’m five.

3) Lapboards for my brother’s girls. I actually got crafty this year with the help of my actually crafty friend. They turned out awesome and I’m so sad I didn’t take more pictures. However I’m sure I’ll be making more this year and I’ll do a better job of documenting!







4) Pandora charms. I wouldn’t say I’m paying Pandora’s mortgage, but I’ve definitely financed her trip to Disney. Picking out the perfect charm for people I love is…well it’s like Christmas every day!

5) “Non exciting Christmas gifts” <<< my crae crae friends words not mine. Which were totally exciting and just what I needed. And I am just in love with all of them. But my absolute fav is this blog planner. I just know it is going to inspire me to be more consistent blogging in 2015! I mean…when you have a cute binder you just have to get inspired right?



I almost forgot – my candy jar! Although it so does not work. People still take candy out of it. Like. The candy that was in my stocking that I put in my new candy jar that clearly says its poisonous and will kill you. But they ate it anyway. Idek.

Anyway…Christmas comes again this December — I’m so excited!!!!

I’ve already bought two gifts! We’re not taking bets that I can keep them until December though.


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One Response to Favorite Five…Oh Who Am I Kidding…It’s So Not Friday…Gift Edition

  1. Buffy says:

    Love the Lap boards!

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