Half Full


So I just finished mowing. Also. I like to start things with So. It’s my thing. And by just I mean I finished mowing and then got in the shower because how disgusting was I after mowing in 88 degree Arkansas weather. 

I am still sweating. Also possibly  slightly out of breath. 

Apparently taking two months off of blogging has left me with a lot to say so if I ramble, apologies. 

Also. There’s a slight chance this blog will be TMI. However I have learned from my new bestie Jen Hat as we over in #the4500 refer to her (http://jenhatmaker.com/home.htm), life is real. And when all the things are happening it’s ok to be real. Even with the world. Or the 239 of you who follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lifewithgreeneyes).

Plus. I’ve had maybe 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. 

So (see. There it is again. I can’t even stop.) it’s supposed to rain this week and I needed to mow. I go out back during the hottest part of the day because if I’m going to mow I’m going to get some sun. 

Except the mower won’t start. The string pully thing won’t pull out. Automatically I text my SIL to have her ask my BIL why it would do this to me when I really need to mow. Or maybe I asked what might cause the pully thing to not pull. Either way. 

Then I try our other mower. It has not, btw worked since. Awhile. It still doesn’t. 

I decide to hit up my other BFF Google. He is a mighty smart man. 

Google kindly tells me a few things that may be wrong. I decide the blade being clogged is my best bet because do people really clean their blades? 

It also says some nonsense about undoing the spark plug and some other ridiculous thing that almost made me skip past the clean the blade part because the chance of me figuring that out was zero.  I decided turning the lawnmower on its side with the gas cap facing the sky was my best bet of not losing gas. Here’s my first lawnmower blade cleaning tip. That is incorrect. 

So while I’m unknowingly pouring gas on my lawn, I look and see that there is no blade. Because the blade fairies said if you won’t clean it you can’t have it. I get a bag and start tearing the clumps off the bottom of the lawnmower. With my bare hands and the spark plug still attached. I live on the edge. 

After five minutes I’m done and the blade fairies have found me worthy once more and the blade reappears. 

Turn the mower over, see the puddle of gas and thank God for letting it rain so much I haven’t set the neighborhood on fire. 

Pull the string and crank it up. Ha! No. But about 472 pulls later it’s go time. 

When I mow I think. About all the things. 

And now 5 million words later I get to my point. 

I fixed a lawnmower. It is not a skill I have ever desired. This is why we have husbands. Ok. Not why. But perk right? 

Then I thought. Also. I get to mow the yard. Which means exercise and sunshine. Both of which I get about zero of. 

Which started all the thoughts. 

Until one of the girls walks out with a toilet seat and says the toilet seat broke. We are the queens of obvious. I said ok because. Mowing.  Fixing toilet seats? Imma have to call someone for that. 

Back to mowing and now my hand that got stung by a wasp yesterday is starting to not like me. And every time I think of the wasp sting I remember how Rob likes to tease me about being allergic when really they just hurt but I wish he was here to tease me anyway. 

And it’s hot outside and I ask Sav to grab me some water except when I ty to drink it. Ok. Here’s the TMI. Let’s just say I had to go inside and change. The world isn’t quite ready for me to get that real. 

So I refill with gas and start again. 

We had a fairly successful garage sale yesterday and today. My friend Julie told me about the fleece thing. (Judges 6) And because I don’t know about this stuff too much I probably did it wrong but God has been just showing up. Not always how I want it or in my time and not everything but He’s so here. 

Plans we have to surprise Rob with a thing on Fathers Day that is giving me all the feels are still on. 

He sounded better on the phone than he did while we were there. 

School is out. We all passed. And every momma said Amen. 

I made plans to make plans for a girls night out soon. 

A couple of immediate financial needs are taken care of. 

So we’re having a glass half full kind of day. I think I’m ready for it to stay that way. 

Also. Mowing is great exercise. If you live close I’ll come mow for you. For free. Just make sure your lawnmower blade is clean. Also my yard looks like a jigsaw puzzle after I mow so if you like those pretty, straight lines, I’m probably not your girl. And. I don’t weed eat. Mostly because I can’t start a weed eater. 

Happy Saturday y’all. 

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One Response to Half Full

  1. You are doing this thing called “life”, with all the mess, and CONQUERING IT.
    Blessings on you and yours…

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