Some Days I Feel So Grown Up…31 Days…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life Day 3

It’s October…one of my favorite months! Pumpkins, leaves changing colors, cooler weather (in some states…Arkansas is actually delivering this year and I am in heaven)…all things fall. 

My oldest surprised me with all the things to Fall Up our front porch and I am in love! 

I tried to make a Fall sign…with the paint I had around the house…blue and black, not fall colors I know…but it gets the message across right?

Tori made the sign for the door – in the correct colors πŸ˜‰ 

I’m in love with white pumpkins right now!

And the finished product! 

I’ve never been able to decorate for fall before and as I was showing off the front porch to Alex, my 13 year old, she said “You feel like such a grown up right now, don’t you?”

I just so do…

Not ten minutes later, as I was putting the girls well visit appointments on my calendar – I mean, I have this adulting thing down, right? – I see this notification for the day after. 

October is also my birthday month…and while anyone who knows me well knows I am only 29…I am actually 43. Except. Not. 

All year. I’ve been trying to figure out how my husband suddenly is only 4 years older than me. When he’s always been 5 years older. 

But I haven’t taken two seconds to do the math on my age. 

So I’m 42. 

And since I’ve been 43 all of 2015 I’ve decided that I’m going to turn 42 this year. 

I’ve got this adulting thing down y’all. 

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3 Responses to Some Days I Feel So Grown Up…31 Days…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life Day 3

  1. Susan B Mead says:


    I’m joining you for #Write31days Finding Calm in the Chaos is my thread.

  2. Plaidfuzz says:

    My birthday is in October, too! Sometimes I feel 70, but sometimes I look back and can’t believe I am *gulp* middle aged.

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