Silent Sundays…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life…Day 11

I know typically Silent Sunday’s have been reserved for pictures and no writing. 

I am all for that. 

I have been struggling with this whole 31 day writing challenge. 

I typically only write when I feel like I have something to say. Or if I’m feeling humorous….in my head…because we all know sometimes my funny thoughts turn into plain old awkward posts 😳😳

But I am really trying not to give up on this whole 31 days thing. I probably won’t attempt it again next year unless I come up with a really good topic. But right now, less than half way in, I feel like I need to stick with it. 

So my lack of creativity in the last couple of days got me to thinking.Um. Silent Sunday’s. It’s a real thing and I can just post a picture and not even have to write anything. 

Easy right? 

Then after a powerful message at church this morning (Watch it here)  I started thinking…I know. It’s scary. 

Silent Sunday’s. 

Isn’t that what Sunday was created for? For us to be silent. Retreat from the loud, busy, over-scheduled bustle of everyday life?

I can’t remember the last time I stopped and let myself be silent on a Sunday. When I wasn’t running around doing errands, getting ready for the week, playing catchup around the house. 

When what I really need to be doing is sitting quietly…Taking the time to reflect on where I am. Where I want to be. The things God has laid on my heart. The people He has prompted me to pray for. 

Also…just to rest. This year seems like its never stopped. I am emotionally and physically tired. I don’t stop to rest and renew. 

It seems selfish to take time for that right now. Even though I know it’s what my soul is longing for. 

I have no plans for next weekend. 

Except to clean out the garage, get ready to be out of town for a week, make sure the girls are ready for Halloween and All Region Choir tryouts and…write blog posts…

Ok. I have plans. 

The next weekend we’re in Missouri to see Rob. Then it’s Halloween. 

Before I know it, October will be over. 

Before I know it, I’ll have passed up the times I needed to stop and rest. 

Somehow I have to make that a priority. 

So next Sunday, if you stop by and all you see is a picture with no words, I hope you’ll take that as a sign to you to rest as well. 

We all need rest. We all need time to sit quietly with Our Father and let Him refresh us. 

Let’s make it a priority. 

Have a wonderful week y’all!

I hope to see you on  Facebook and Instagram! It’s where all the cool kids hang out 😘😘😘


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3 Responses to Silent Sundays…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life…Day 11

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  2. Plaidfuzz says:

    I’m so glad that you decided to do 31 days this year! Your posts have blessed me. 🙂

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