Just Another Manic Monday…31 Days…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life…Day 12 

It’s definitely been a Monday! Work is busy, home is busy and my DVR is so full I would love to do nothing but binge watch Bones for the next 3 days. 

Also. It’s 10:15pm and I had really given up on writing a Day 12 post. 

Then. My friend who blogs over at Plaidfuzz posted such a sweet comment on yesterday’s post. 

Just a few words, just in time…

We all need encouragement. We all want to be told we are seen…heard…that the time we spend writing…or speaking…or teaching…or whatever you pour your heart into…that it matters. 

Not just in a general sense. But in a specific, personal sense. 

We all need this kind of encouragement, but how often do we stop thinking about the encouragement we need long enough to be the encourager?

I think most of us are probably good encouragers in the big life moments. When a friend is sick…when a co-worker gets a promotion…We do big well. 

I also think we need encouragers most in the everyday. In those parenting moments when we aren’t sure if we made the right decision. When we invite a neighbor in and hope they don’t notice the dishes in the sink. 

Encouraging someone takes just a moment. So why don’t we do it more often?

Is it because we think encouraging someone else takes something away from us? 

Or maybe we aren’t getting the encouragement we need?

I wonder what our relationships would look like if we took the initiative to give away the exact encouragement we are looking for? 

What if we were intentional about speaking those words into others lives in the areas we need encouragement in? 

How would that change their lives? How would it change our lives? 

Let’s try it – the only thing you have to lose is some kind words!!!

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6 Responses to Just Another Manic Monday…31 Days…A Glimpse Into Our Everyday Life…Day 12 

  1. Plaidfuzz says:

    I’m so glad my words were an encouragement to you! God is doing some big things in my life right now, and you are one of those people who keep popping up in my newsfeed for a reason! Your story is so inspirational to me. Whether it seems like it or not, you are blazing a trail of obedience that is inspiring to many others!

    • It’s so crazy, I was just thinking this same thing last night! How God puts people together at just the right time to orchestrate relationships we are going to need! I am so excited for everything He is doing in your life and am praying for you! Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me that He is in the big AND little things in our lives!

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  3. VTNessa says:

    All kinds of YES to this! I know I could definitely use some encouragement, so I’m hopeful that anytime I feel the need to be encouraged, I will use that as a reminder that I should encourage someone else. Great post!

    • Thank you! Yes, I realized last night I have stopped encouraging because I haven’t felt encouraged in the exact way I think I need to be, when really I am surrounded by encouragers! Praying you find encouragement in giving AND receiving!

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