Drop by Drop

It started as a slow drip.

Drop by drop. Slowly forming that first small puddle.

Nothing dangerous to you…or those around you.

You’d slip into a deep puddle occasionally, but no lasting consequences.

Slowly, and at the same time, suddenly, the drops formed a small pond. Deep enough that wading out of it was a struggle…Small enough that no one else fell in.

The drops spent years falling. Sometimes a soft, quick rain. Sometimes a torrential downpour.

The pond became a large, but shallow at first, lake. A lake that would take so long to climb out of. A lake that so many were pulled in to.

It dried up once. We thought. Only to reappear much deeper, as water often does after a long, hard rain. After the rain has gone and you think the flooding is over, after you’re tricked into thinking it’s safe again.

The lake became deeper and wider and pulled us all down into it. We waited for the drops to stop falling. Then waited for the seemingly never-ending storm to pass, with its clouds and thunder and lightning and rain so heavy we couldn’t see in front of us.

In the waiting, each of us were pulled under. Sometimes alone, sometimes all at once. We pulled ourselves back up…we were lifted out by the strength of others…only to get pulled right back under. And you, you who caused all those drops to fall…you seemed to stay barely above water…always appearing to be almost drowning, never quite going under, pulling us under to keep yourself above water.

And when we thought we had found a different part of the lake that seemed safer…no longer in the deep middle with you…not being pulled under by your crashing waves…we let our guard down…until once again we were drowning in the middle with you…

Once again we find ourselves close to the river bank. Still in the water…some of us wading out, wondering if we’ll ever be on solid, dry land…some of us still waist deep, struggling to stay out of the whirlpool that surrounds you and pulls us in…and then there’s me…just on the edge of your strong current, desperately praying for you and pulling for you to take the step to stop the drops from falling.

Praying that you don’t drown. That I don’t drown with you.

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Thanks for stopping by! If you're on FB, follow me: www.facebook.com/lifewithgreeneyes Instagram @angelastricklin Twitter @angelastricklin Pinterest @Angela Stricklin I'm a wife, mom of three girls and one fur baby. By day, I'm an HR manager to pay for all things girly girl and fur baby treats. I add things to my Amazon wish list instead of my cart because my girls cost All. The. Money. Instead of sleeping, you can find me writing about faith, addiction, recovery, marriage, parenting and my favorite things on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Pinterest.
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1 Response to Drop by Drop

  1. Cindy says:

    I can’t even imagine. ❤️

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