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Saturday Thoughts

My husband is at a men’s retreat so I thought I would mow.  When Rob mows, the yard is so pretty. Nice straight lines… When I mow…curves…yep. That’s the word that comes to mind.  I think when I mow. My … Continue reading

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Favorite Five Friday, Books, Books, Books

It’s time to revive #FFF and share some of my favorite books I’m reading! By the way…being on a book launch team is. My. Favorite. Thing! So much so, that even if I’m not officially on their launch team, I … Continue reading

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Half Full

   So I just finished mowing. Also. I like to start things with So. It’s my thing. And by just I mean I finished mowing and then got in the shower because how disgusting was I after mowing in 88 … Continue reading

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